Lore Behind Norn

About the Owner

Norn Botanicals is a one-woman show run by Kristín Guðbjörg. I am a first-generation Icelandic American who was born and raised in the PNW. I live in Western Washington State, where the evergreens meet the sea. Inspired by my Icelandic heritage and my outdoorsy upbringing, Norn Botanicals as been a slow-brewing dream of mine for years. I started to become seriously interested in herbalism in my early twenties and took classes with well-known herbalists such as Kami McBride to refine my technique. I have poured into countless books and made medicine at home for years. During that time, so many people asked me when I was going to start selling my creations. I finally materialized Norn Botanicals in early 2023, offering my first batch of shortly after the Summer Solstice. My hope is to continue offering small batches of botanicals crafted with love, intention, and the utmost respect for plants. Read more about my story here

What is the lore behind the name "Norn"?

The term "Norn" in Norse mythology derives from the Old Norse word "nörn," which means "a witch" or "a woman who foretells the future."

In Norse mythology, the Norns are powerful and mystical female beings who are responsible for shaping the destinies of both gods and humans. There are three of Norns:

Urðr represents the past events, experiences, and decisions that have shaped the present and continue to influence the future.

Verðandi is the Norn of the present. She embodies the ongoing actions, decisions, and circumstances of the present moment. Her role involves weaving the present into the ongoing tapestry of fate.

Skuld is the Norn of the future. Her name translates to "debt" or "owed," indicating that the future is indebted to the actions and choices of the past and present. Skuld shapes what is to come, making her a powerful figure in determining the ultimate fate of individuals and the cosmos.

My work with mystics in the last few years has shown me that there is a lot more happening beyond our perceptual reality than we are willing to accept. We don't have nearly as much free will as we think we do (and in a lot of ways we have more power than we realize), and there are a number of forces shaping us that we cannot see.

We inherit genetic memory from our ancestors. We inherit their trauma, their joy, their resilience, and their wisdom. Events from your parents', grandparents', and great-grandparents' lives shaped the events of your own in ways you may never come to understand. Historical events that took place long before we materialized on this plane shape the very course of our lives, too.

I believe there are elements of our lives that are predestined - whether its because of evolution, history, genetics, or magic - and we are wise to surrender to these elements.

I also think there is plenty of room for us to decide how we are going to respond to these predestined elements: are we going to work with them, or against them?

That is the vibe here at Norn - humility respect for the larger, more powerful forces that shape our lives.